Group maintainers:
bkabrda, churchyard, cstratak, ignatenkobrain, Ishcherb, ksurma, lbalhar, mcyprian, mstuchli, pviktori, rkuska, thrnciar, torsava
Tracked packages from 301 to 400 from total 2242
Name Fedora Rawhide Fedora 40 Fedora 39 EPEL 9 NEXT EPEL 9 EPEL 8 Running Package groups
cantor python r-maint-sig
capstone python
catfish python
ccnet python
ccsm python
cdbs perl-users python
centerim perl-users python
ceph go-sig python
certbot python
CheMPS2 python
chirp python
chromium python
cinch python
cinnamon python
cinnamon-desktop python
cinnamon-screensaver python
cjdns python
clang perl-users python
claws-mail perl-sig python
cloud-init python
cloud-utils python
clustershell python
cmake python
cobbler python
coccinelle python
cockpit python
collectd perl-sig python
compizconfig-python python
compose-utils python
concordance python
conda python
configsnap python
copr-backend python
copr-cli python
copr-frontend python
copr-keygen python
copr-rpmbuild python
cracklib python
createrepo_c python rpm-software-management
criu python
crossfire perl-users python
crudini python
cryptlib perl-sig python
cryptobone python
cryptsetup python
csdiff python
csmock python
cxxtest python
Cython python
dblatex python
dbus-python python
ddiskit python
debconf perl-sig python
dee python
deepin-gettext-tools perl-users python
deepin-menu python
deltarpm perl-users python
deluge python
devscripts perl-sig python
dex-autostart python
d-feet python
dh-make python
dib-utils python
did python
diffoscope python
diffuse python
diskimage-builder python
distcc python
distgen python
distro-info perl-users python
dlrn python
dnf python rpm-software-management
dnfdaemon python
dnfdragora python
dnf-plugins-core python rpm-software-management
dnf-plugins-extras python rpm-software-management
dnssec-trigger python
doclifter python
doge python
dogtail python
dot2tex python
dpdk python
dput-ng python
drbdlinks python
drupal7 python
dtc python swig
duplicity python
dwarves python
dxf2gcode python
edk2 python
electrum python
email2trac python
enjarify python
enki python
environment-modules python
eric python
erlang-rpm-macros python
espresso python
esptool python
etckeeper python
Tracked packages from 301 to 400 from total 2242