Group maintainers:
jplesnik, mspacek, ppisar, psabata, psalaba
Tracked packages from 1 to 100 from total 392
Name Fedora Rawhide Fedora 39 Fedora 38 EPEL 9 NEXT EPEL 9 EPEL 8 EPEL 7 Running Package groups
openssl perl-users
slim perl-users
avarice perl-users
clang perl-users python
community-mysql perl-users
digikam perl-users
ghc perl-users
global perl-users python
gtkpod perl-users python
gtk-sharp3 perl-users
httpd perl-users
kdewebdev perl-users
knemo perl-users
kscreenlocker perl-users
matrix-synapse perl-users python
ncid perl-users
openqa perl-users
postgis perl-users
pptpd perl-users
pvs-sbcl perl-users
recoll perl-users python
root perl-users python r-maint-sig
sblim-cmpi-syslog perl-users
scsi-target-utils perl-users
squid perl-users
statsd perl-users
ttf2pt1 perl-users
vhostmd perl-users
wine perl-users
a2ps perl-users
aggregate perl-users
amarok perl-users
amtterm perl-users
anjuta perl-users python
api-sanity-checker perl-users
apt-cacher-ng perl-users
argus perl-users
arp-scan perl-users
arptables perl-users
asciiquarium perl-users
atool perl-users
auto-buildrequires perl-users
autoconf perl-users
automake perl-users
bacula perl-users
bfast biology medical-sig perl-users
bogl perl-users
bogofilter perl-users
bonnie++ perl-users
bowtie biology medical-sig perl-users
bro perl-users python
btrbk perl-users
bwa biology medical-sig perl-users
byobu perl-users python
calamaris perl-users
cantata perl-users
cdbs perl-users python
cdlabelgen perl-users
cdrkit perl-users
centerim perl-users python
check-create-certificate perl-users
check_postgres perl-users
clatd perl-users
clawsker perl-users
cleanfeed perl-users
clide perl-users
cloudy perl-users
collectl perl-users
colordiff perl-users
colorgcc perl-users
condor perl-users python
conman perl-users
console-setup perl-users
convmv perl-users
cowsay-beefymiracle perl-users
cpuid perl-users
cronolog perl-users
crossfire perl-users python
crossfire-maps perl-users
csmith perl-users
ctemplate perl-users
ctstream perl-users
cups-x2go perl-users
cvs perl-users
cvs2cl perl-users
cvsutils perl-users
ddclient perl-users
debmirror perl-users
deepin-gettext-tools perl-users python
deltarpm perl-users python
diaser perl-users
dillo perl-users
dirvish perl-users
dist-git perl-users
docbook5-schemas perl-users
docbook5-style-xsl perl-users
docbook-style-dsssl perl-users
docbook-utils perl-users
drbd perl-users
drraw perl-users
Tracked packages from 1 to 100 from total 392