Group maintainers:
bkabrda, churchyard, cstratak, ignatenkobrain, Ishcherb, ksurma, lbalhar, mcyprian, mstuchli, pviktori, rkuska, thrnciar, torsava
Tracked packages from 1 to 100 from total 1721
Name Fedora Rawhide Fedora 36 Fedora 35 Fedora 34 EPEL 9 EPEL 8 EPEL 7 Running Package groups
chromium python
moose biology medical-sig neuro-sig python
net-snmp perl-sig python
paraview python scitech_sig
pygobject2 python
python-packaging python
abrt python
ansible-review python
assimp python
audit python swig
avogadro2 biology medical-sig python
aws python
bcc python
blender python
bodhi python
boost python
brotli python
bugzilla perl-sig python
cantor python
cjdns python
clang perl-users python
clufter python
devscripts perl-sig python
d-feet python
dtc python swig
duplicity python
engrid python
fedora-packager python
fedrepo-req python
fio python
fleet-commander-client python
freecad python swig
gdl python scitech_sig
geos python
gettext python
gitg python
glade python
gnome-gmail python
gns3-gui python
gns3-server python
h5py python
hamlib perl-sig python swig
hgsvn python
iguanaIR python
ipython python
iscsi-initiator-utils python
jpype java python
kdevelop-python python
koschei python
krop python
lammps python
lcm python
libewf python
libftdi python swig
libpfm python swig
libreoffice python
libsbml biology medical-sig neuro-sig perl-sig python swig
libsolv perl-sig python rpm-software-management swig
libvirt-python python
libwfut python swig
lirc python
m2crypto python swig
mathgl python swig
meld python
mercurial python
mesos python
mirrorbrain perl-sig python
mkdocs python
mpi4py python
nautilus-python python
nbdkit python
nordugrid-arc perl-sig python swig
numpy python
nut python
OpenColorIO python
openscap perl-sig python swig
otf2 python
owfs python swig
pdc-client python
percona-xtrabackup perl-users python
pitivi python
player python swig
postgresql perl-sig python
ProDy python
proxyfuzz python
psi4 python
py4j java python
pygrib python
pyicu python
pyosmium python
pyparted python
pypy python
PyQt4 python
pytest python
python34 python
python3.5 python
python-aiosmtpd python
python-alembic python
python-anyjson python
python-APScheduler python
Tracked packages from 1 to 100 from total 1721