Group maintainers:
jplesnik, ppisar, psabata
Tracked packages from 1 to 100 from total 415
Name Fedora rawhide Fedora 34 Fedora 33 Fedora 32 EPEL 8 playground EPEL 8 EPEL 7 Running Package groups
atool perl-users
automake perl-users
bacula perl-users
cdbs perl-users python
clang perl-users python
colordiff perl-users
community-mysql perl-users
console-setup perl-users
ctemplate perl-users
cvsutils perl-users
debmirror perl-users
dillo perl-users
docbook-style-dsssl perl-users
dspam perl-users
edg-mkgridmap perl-users
giac perl-users
gitweb-caching perl-users
glite-lb-logger-msg perl-users
globus-gram-audit perl-users
gnucash perl-users python swig
groff perl-users
gtkpod perl-users python
gtk-sharp3 perl-users
gwenview perl-users
hcc perl-users
hw-probe perl-users
ibutils perl-users swig
idzebra perl-users
ifm perl-users
kalarm perl-users
katomic perl-users
kcachegrind perl-users
kde-dev-scripts perl-users python
kdelibs perl-users
kdesdk-kioslaves perl-users
kget perl-users
kile perl-users
kio-extras perl-users
klickety perl-users
knemo perl-users
konversation perl-users python
kopete perl-users
kphotoalbum perl-users
kscreenlocker perl-users
lagan perl-users
lcg-infosites perl-users
lftp perl-users
llvm-test-suite perl-users
lm_sensors perl-users
MagicPoint perl-users
mate-terminal perl-users
matrix-synapse perl-users python
mingw-crossreport perl-users
mingw-nsiswrapper perl-users
mirrormanager2 perl-users python
mmseq biology medical-sig perl-users
mpich perl-users python
nagios-plugins-bonding perl-users
nagios-plugins-openmanage perl-users
netsurf-buildsystem perl-users
obs-service-download_files perl-users
openqa perl-users
pdsh perl-users
pem perl-users
percona-xtrabackup perl-users python
plasma-integration perl-users
plasma-pa perl-users
postgis perl-users
psad perl-users
qdirstat perl-users
qt3 perl-users
quassel perl-users
rasdaemon perl-users
scsi-target-utils perl-users
syslinux perl-users
texi2html perl-users
texlive perl-users python
TeXmacs perl-users
thc-ipv6 perl-users
vit perl-users
wine perl-users
x509viewer perl-users
z88dk perl-users
a2ps perl-users
aggregate perl-users
amarok perl-users
amtterm perl-users
anjuta perl-users python
api-sanity-checker perl-users
argus perl-users
arp-scan perl-users
arptables perl-users
asciiquarium perl-users
asn1c perl-users
auto-buildrequires perl-users
autoconf perl-users
avarice perl-users
bfast biology medical-sig perl-users
bibtex2html perl-users
bip perl-users
Tracked packages from 1 to 100 from total 415