Group maintainers:
jplesnik, ppisar, psabata
Tracked packages from 201 to 300 from total 3253
Name Fedora rawhide Fedora 34 Fedora 33 Fedora 32 EPEL 8 playground EPEL 8 EPEL 7 Running Package groups
kpcli perl-sig
krazy2 perl-sig
latex2html perl-sig
LaTeXML perl-sig
lcgdm perl-sig python
ldns perl-sig python swig
libapreq2 perl-sig
liboping perl-sig
libprelude perl-sig python swig
libsbml biology medical-sig perl-sig python swig
libsedml perl-sig python swig
libsolv perl-sig python rpm-software-management swig
libspf2 perl-sig
libtnc perl-sig
libyui-bindings perl-sig python swig
licensecheck perl-sig
link-grammar perl-sig python
linode-cli perl-sig
linuxdoc-tools perl-sig
logwatch perl-sig
lumail perl-sig
maatkit perl-sig
mapserver perl-sig php python swig
marisa perl-sig python swig
mhonarc perl-sig
monitorix perl-sig
monotone perl-sig
moodle perl-sig
mpqc perl-sig
mrtg perl-sig
munin perl-sig python
myrepos perl-sig
mysql-mmm perl-sig
MySQL-zrm perl-sig
nagios perl-sig
NaturalDocs perl-sig
netatalk perl-sig
netcdf-perl perl-sig
nginx perl-sig
nkf perl-sig
nordugrid-arc perl-sig python swig
ntp perl-sig
obs-build perl-sig python
ocaml-cil perl-sig
ocaml-perl4caml perl-sig
openbabel perl-sig python swig
OpenIPMI perl-sig python swig
openscap perl-sig python swig
opensips perl-sig python
openwsman perl-sig python swig
os-autoinst perl-sig
p0rn-comfort perl-sig
parrot perl-sig
pcsc-perl perl-sig
perl perl-sig
perl-accessors perl-sig
perl-Ace biology medical-sig perl-sig
perl-Acme-Alien-DontPanic perl-sig
perl-Acme-Damn perl-sig
perl-Acme-PlayCode perl-sig
perl-Affix-Infix2Postfix perl-sig
perl-AI-Categorizer perl-sig
perl-AI-DecisionTree perl-sig
perl-Algorithm-Annotate perl-sig
perl-Algorithm-C3 perl-sig
perl-Algorithm-CheckDigits perl-sig
perl-Algorithm-Combinatorics perl-sig
perl-Algorithm-Cron perl-sig
perl-Algorithm-Dependency perl-sig
perl-Algorithm-Diff perl-sig
perl-Algorithm-Diff-XS perl-sig
perl-Algorithm-FastPermute perl-sig
perl-Algorithm-IncludeExclude perl-sig
perl-Algorithm-Loops perl-sig
perl-Algorithm-LUHN perl-sig
perl-Algorithm-Merge perl-sig
perl-Algorithm-NaiveBayes perl-sig
perl-Algorithm-SVM perl-sig
perl-aliased perl-sig
perl-Alien-Base-ModuleBuild perl-sig
perl-Alien-Build perl-sig
perl-Alien-cmake3 perl-sig
perl-Alien-FFI perl-sig
perl-Alien-Libxml2 perl-sig
perl-Alien-Packages perl-sig
perl-Alien-PCRE2 perl-sig
perl-Alien-pkgconf perl-sig
perl-Alien-ProtoBuf perl-sig
perl-Alien-ROOT perl-sig
perl-Alien-SDL perl-sig
perl-Alien-wxWidgets perl-sig
perl-AnyData perl-sig
perl-AnyEvent perl-sig
perl-AnyEvent-AIO perl-sig
perl-AnyEvent-BDB perl-sig
perl-AnyEvent-CacheDNS perl-sig
perl-AnyEvent-DBus perl-sig
perl-AnyEvent-Handle-UDP perl-sig
perl-AnyEvent-HTTP perl-sig
perl-AnyEvent-I3 perl-sig
Tracked packages from 201 to 300 from total 3253