Group maintainers:
ankursinha, orion, rathann, rdieter
Tracked packages from 1 to 52 from total 52
Name Fedora Rawhide Fedora 40 Fedora 39 Fedora 38 EPEL 9 NEXT EPEL 9 EPEL 8 EPEL 7 Running Package groups
hdf5 scitech_sig
vtk python scitech_sig
openbabel perl-sig python scitech_sig swig
paraview python scitech_sig
bes scitech_sig
cp2k scitech_sig
netcdf4-python python scitech_sig
octave-image scitech_sig
octave-io scitech_sig
octave-ncarray scitech_sig
octave-netcdf scitech_sig
octave-statistics scitech_sig
arpack scitech_sig
ast scitech_sig
chemtool scitech_sig
cmpfit scitech_sig
dcw-gmt scitech_sig
elpa scitech_sig
fityk scitech_sig swig
g2clib scitech_sig
gabedit scitech_sig
gdl python scitech_sig
GMT scitech_sig
gshhg-gmt-nc4 scitech_sig
hdf scitech_sig
inchi scitech_sig
lasi scitech_sig
libdap scitech_sig
libindi scitech_sig
liborigin scitech_sig
molsketch scitech_sig
munge neuro-sig scitech_sig
ncl scitech_sig
nco scitech_sig
ncview scitech_sig
netcdf scitech_sig
netcdf-cxx scitech_sig
netcdf-cxx4 scitech_sig
netcdf-fortran scitech_sig
netcdf-perl perl-sig scitech_sig
octave scitech_sig
perl-Astro-FITS-CFITSIO perl-sig scitech_sig
plplot python scitech_sig swig
python-GridDataFormats python scitech_sig
python-gsd scitech_sig
python-mmtf python scitech_sig
scidavis python scitech_sig
tachyon scitech_sig
wgrib scitech_sig
wgrib2 scitech_sig
wxmacmolplt scitech_sig
xdrawchem scitech_sig
Tracked packages from 1 to 52 from total 52