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bkabrda, churchyard, cstratak, ignatenkobrain, Ishcherb, lbalhar, mcyprian, mstuchli, pviktori, rkuska, thrnciar, torsava
Tracked packages from 1 to 100 from total 1622
Name Fedora rawhide Fedora 34 Fedora 33 Fedora 32 EPEL 8 playground EPEL 8 EPEL 7 Running Package groups
ansible-review python
mesos python
clang perl-users python
clufter python
root perl-users python
abiword python
cantor python
freecad python swig
freeipa python
gr-fcdproplus python swig
insight python
lcm python
libkolabxml php python swig
mathgl python swig
matrix-synapse perl-users python
ming perl-sig php python swig
mlt python swig
mpi4py python
net-snmp perl-sig python
numpy python
OpenColorIO python
owfs python swig
percona-xtrabackup perl-users python
proxyfuzz python
py4j java python
python-astroscrappy python
python-cherrypy python
python-cysignals python
python-descartes python
python-dns python
python-docopt python
python-evic python
python-fiat python
python-fiona python
python-furl python
python-GridDataFormats python
python-healpy python
python-ipyparallel python
python-mapnik python
python-matplotlib python
python-MDAnalysis python
python-mne python
python-pyface python
python-pyriemann python
python-reproject python
python-seaborn python
python-shapely python
python-sphinxcontrib-issuetracker python
python-sqlalchemy python
python-terminado python
python-treq python
python-werkzeug python
python-yarl python
qpid-dispatch python
qpid-proton python swig
rdkit python swig
redland-bindings perl-sig php python swig
solaar python
uwsgi python
vips python
weasyprint python
gmsh python swig
gnuradio python swig
kernel python
libreoffice python
airinv python
airrac python
airtsp python
ansible-lint python
avogadro2 biology medical-sig python
bodhi python
coccinelle python
cura python
diffoscope python
dmlite python
enki python
fail2ban python
gdl python scitech_sig
gedit python
geos python
git-cola python
gnome-abrt python
gnucash perl-users python swig
gr-osmosdr python swig
gr-rds python swig
jpype java python
kde-dev-scripts perl-users python
kf5-kross-interpreters python
konversation perl-users python
kvirc python
lasso perl-sig python swig
libftdi python swig
libvirt-python python
lldb python swig
m2crypto python swig
mirrormanager2 perl-users python
mpich perl-users python
nbdkit python
openwsman perl-sig python swig
otf2 python
Tracked packages from 1 to 100 from total 1622