Group maintainers:
bkabrda, churchyard, cstratak, ignatenkobrain, Ishcherb, lbalhar, mcyprian, mstuchli, pviktori, rkuska, thrnciar, torsava
Tracked packages from 1 to 100 from total 1644
Name Fedora Rawhide Fedora 35 Fedora 34 EPEL 8 playground EPEL 8 EPEL 7 Running Package groups
2ping python
389-ds-base perl-sig python
abcde python
abiword python
abrt python
abrt-server-info-page python
acme-tiny python
adapt python
airinv python
airrac python
airtsp python
ampy python
anjuta perl-users python
ansible python
ansible-lint python
ansible-review python
antlr java python
APLpy python
apx python
ara python
arandr python
ari-backup python
asciidoc python
asciinema python
astrometry python swig
aubio python
audit python swig
auditwheel python
autowrap python
avahi python
avogadro biology medical-sig python
avogadro2 biology medical-sig python
avogadro2-libs python
aws python
awscli python
aws-shell python
babel python
babeltrace python swig
bakefile python swig
bandit python
bcc python
bdii python
beaker python
binclock python
bind python
binwalk python
blender python
blosc python
blueberry python
bodhi python
boost python
booth python
borgbackup python
botan python
bpython python
brd python
breezy python
brial python
brltty python
bro perl-users python
brotli python
btrfs-heatmap python
btrfs-sxbackup python
bugzilla perl-sig python
buildbot python
bumpversion python
byobu perl-users python
caja-terminal python
calibre python
cantor python
capstone python
carbonate python
caribou python
ccsm python
cdbs perl-users python
centerim perl-users python
ceph python
certbot python
CheMPS2 python
chrome-gnome-shell python
chromium python
cinch python
cinnamon-desktop python
cjdns python
clang perl-users python
claws-mail perl-sig python
clearsilver perl-sig python
cloud-init python
clufter python
cmake python
cobbler python
coccinelle python
cockpit python
collectd perl-sig python
commissaire-client python
compizconfig-python python
compose-utils python
concordance python
conda python
condor perl-users python
Tracked packages from 1 to 100 from total 1644